Project Management

Antone Consulting & Training has offered expertise to create and implement projects across all project phases.  We can work with clients to develop the project concept and align the project with the strategic direction of the organization.  We can design a project road map with a core team of individuals responsible for task and establish a schedule and estimate costs.  In project development we make sure all project requirements are satisfied and verified.  We offer quality assurance to deliver the finished project materials are approved by key quality group members and then organize a project marketing launch plan.  A pilot of the project product is provided to a select group of users to monitor the process and identify bugs and glitches to remove.  The project is then released with full support of t he project provided.  An evaluation phase collects data to measure the project’s continuing effectiveness.  As needed later in the project’s value is measured to determine if the project should continue, be replaced or eliminated.

Past Performance

 Girls’ Empowerment Summit 2014 – Jesse Bethel High School – Vallejo Unified School District

Four hundred 9th and 10th grade girls were involved in a May 16  Summit involving 27 invited guest speakers. The Summit’s objective is for girls to own their power to make choices that improve life for themselves and all the community. Multiple break-out sessions addressed information about social media, substance abuse prevention, and healthy teen relationships.  The girls will also focused on how to use their talents for their futures in a session titled, “What is a Woman.”  Ninth & tenth grade boys were engaged by contributing to a power statement wall adding their comments for how they want to support girls to use their power.The closing session, “Standing on My Sisters’ Shoulders,” facilitated a generational exchange with parents and girls focusing on the issues impacting teen girls and how adults can best support them.


 Benicia-Vallejo CA  Branch of American Association for University Women

 The Affordable Care Act – Impact in Solano County Nov.6, 2013 

The honorable Mike Thompson, U.S. Congressman for California District 5 opened a panel presentation including speakers from the Solano Coalition for Better Health, Partnership Healthplan of California, Western Health Advantage and Solano Department of Health and Social Services.

Additional AAUW projects included a program on Communal Housing Options for Seniors – May 19, 2014 exploring  the power of “Aging In Community.” This concept looks at a variety of ways communities and seniors within them can make a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors. Audience participants can consider the pros and cons of shared housing, cooperative housing and co-housing.

2009-2013 Tech Trek Scholarship Outreach and Selection – Benicia-Vallejo Branch of American Association for University Women. This program offers an exciting week-long residential math, science and technology summer camp which is held in June 2 at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, CA. To get a sense of the opportunity Tech Trek offers girls since 1998 please visit the Tech Trek website at the following link:

Online University

Served as project lead for an online university directing plans for 30 writers to produce 118 Study Guides within 18 months to supplement textbooks and enhance instructor resources.


As a training consultant for Kaiser Permanente, contributed to a continuous performance improvement process addressing workplace safety. Representative Results: Injuries reductions in each department up to 57% in 2011.  Produced monthly webinars to 65 facilities for consistent regional workplace safety directives. Analyzed process improvements to prevent injuries with new hospital construction in Oakland, Redwood City and Hayward.

Authorization Nurse Training and Education – Project manager with 15 departments at Hill Physicians Medical Group to design and deliver training to confirm nurse competencies to comply with multiple provider requirements to assure reimbursements. Results: HPMG Generated cost savings in authorizations improvements of at least $400,000 in first year post training .

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