Leadership Development

This program format is informal and based on a series of leadership challenges. It explores the traditional concepts of leading a staff with high performance demands. In this action-packed, highly interactive session, participants learn how to develop and hone their leadership skills.  The relationship between an effective leader is correlated with the corresponding action of followers.

Course Objectives:

  1. List elements of transformation and empowerment; the key qualities needed for leadership development.
  2. Describe how to inspire a shared vision and how to encourage peak performance from staff.
  3. Practice skills in conflict resolution and communication.
  4. Analyze how to empower, engage and enroll employees to act and learn how to improve morale.
  5. Distinguish between management and leadership. Diagnose a preferred leadership style.
  6. Practice leadership skills and use the principles of action learning to solve real-life challenges.

Receive feedback on an individual’s leadership style and its strengths.


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