Program Delivery

Antone Consulting &  Training has delivered programs  for more than 75 companies at domestic and international locations.  We support leadership and stakeholders to attain organizational goals.

Clients can provide the off-the-shelf training outline that needs professional delivery and facilitation or  programs are designed to suit the purpose of the client.  Presentations range from 1-hour briefings to 5-day learning sessions.  Courses encourage the maximum amount of participation and honor adult learning principles.  There are numerous activities that demonstrate the lessons and excellent course materials.  The focus is on individual feedback, team development and work-related activities.   The client is also the decision-maker influencing the focus on outcomes for the project.

Past Performance:

  • Trainer / Consultant for Kaiser Permanente generating at least $400,000 in cost savings from performance improvement within regional Workplace Safety operations. Reduced revenue cycle with training through Front Office Operations Improvement (FOOI).
  • Supervisor Leadership and Education Series Hill Physicians Medical Group –Designed and coordinated two 15-session series for supervisors to align with strategies and imperatives. Results: Two third of participants promoted as managers within 3 months.
  • Deloitte Consulting subcontractor on Screening Information System (SIS) $14 million project for California Genetic Disease Branch in Richmond, CA. Results: The web-conversion system enhancements now place California as a global leader in genetic screening.
  • Consultant for Singapore Civil Service Institute at launch of customer service initiative for 50,000 employees

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Diversity/ Inclusion

Leadership Developent

Career Management

Non-threatening Conflict Management

Interpersonal Skills

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