Antone Consulting and Training offers programs that spark a desire among individuals to change their behaviors to improve performance to save costs or generate revenue.

We collaborate with clients to address the former state or organizational history of the organization.  We also gather data about the organization’s desired future state or vision of where it wants to be in the next few years. We then identify the obstacles that need to be removed for the vision to become reality. This allows us to design a current strategy of actions for a given client to move toward the future state.  We further define measurable outcomes that will result from the action steps and establish milestones so the organization can confirm that is progressing on the goal path toward achieving its vision.

Our services are categorized as Project Management, Program Delivery and Instructional Design.


If you want to spark positive change for your organization, contact us for a free 30-minute consultation. Call 707-235-5341, email or use our contact page